We believe children feel the most secure, learn best, and are the happiest when they can explore a diverse range of indoor and outdoor activities.
We do a lot of pre-reading, pre-writing, and pre-math hands-on activities. Children who graduate from here are fully prepared for kindergarten.
We want the children to get along with one another and to express their feelings. We strictly disallow fighting games and weapons play.

7001 Sunkist Drive, Oakland CA 94605

A Few Words About Bernice & Joe Playschool

Since 1980, we have proudly served the child care needs of the parents of Oakland and surrounding communities.

We call ourselves a playschool not only because play is the work of a child, but as an alumnus of ours once remarked, “I like the name because I knew right away what I could do there.”

At first, Bernice & Joe lived at this location in the Millsmont Oakland hills and did family day care. In 1991, they moved out with their two boys and converted their home into a child care center but kept its family home quality. From the street, it looks like just another house in the neighborhood.

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